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Marshal B Anderson 2019

Marshal tried stand-up
Thought I'd give this a go :O) It was OK, if you like That Sort Of Thing.
SCORM Corcyra
Murder and Mayhem in Ancient Greece. See how an on-line group solved a grisly Greek crime. You can try it yourself on line, or download as a SCORM object to run in your VLE
Story Teller
My package to encourage children to create stories verbally.

There's a demo to download and teachers' and kids' walkthoughs.
I'm gathering together some of the articles and papers I've written over the years.

Creative Learning
CLEAR - the European creative learning project. Find out about my part in it and see extracts from the project.

What's here then?

I'm not sure what this site is for these days. I've retired in Derbyshire so I'm no longer looking for work or showing off the work I've done (though some still lingers here). The comedy has stopped though some evidence of it remains if you click the link to the left. One thing I have done is start messing about with Android applications. My first attempt is I'm OK (that's a link) which is very much aimed at single old people like me who fall down the stairs a lot. I have no idea what I'll do next, but at least I made it work :o) 

Marshal's Career
Here you will find some bits and pieces about some of the things I did to keep the wolf from the door. It's a bit messy and I've trimmed a lot of it out as it was mostly for potential employers, but there's some stuff there I'm proud of so I've left it there.
I officially retired from my last paid employment in summer 2018. This was for the Open University who I'd been working for most of this century. I got to a point where the main course I taught on was being replaced and I just felt that I'd had enough and really didn't want to embark on the whole course cycle again. I poked around my finances and found that I had bits of pensions I could claim so decided to jump early with a 4 year gap till my state pension kicks in being covered by savings.

Some of the funnier stuff sent to me, some stuff for kids - er.. that's all so far..... no it isn't, there's some poems too - but they're not compulsory :-)

Quite a bit of stuff accumulated about the use of the internet as a learning environment - if that's of interest, take a look. You might want to try my Workshop 3 project which is a sort of Ancient Greek murder mystery, or even take a look at the Only Connect site which describes my dissertation project supporting home tutored students via the net.

Marshal B Anderson