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Marshal B Anderson

Marshal tries stand-up
Thought I'd give this a go :O) If you like it, please pass it on.
SCORM Corcyra
Murder and Mayhem in Ancient Greece. See how an on-line group solved a grisly Greek crime. You can try it yourself on line, or download as a SCORM object to run in your VLE
Story Teller
My package to encourage children to create stories verbally.

There's a demo to download and teachers' and kids' walkthoughs.
I'm gathering together some of the articles and papers I've written over the years.

What's here then?

Marshal's Career
Here you will find the kind of information you need if you are considering involving me in educational software design, e-learning projects, journalism, or any of the other educational IT related services I offer.

Personal Stuff
Embarrassing graduation pics and some from my extreme youth + a tour of Marshal's house, pussy cats and new garden.

Some of the funnier stuff sent to me, some stuff for kids - er.. that's all so far..... no it isn't, there's some poems too - but they're not compulsory :-)

Quite a bit of stuff accumulated about the use of the internet as a learning environment - if that's of interest, take a look. You might want to try my Workshop 3 project which is a sort of Ancient Greek murder mystery, or even take a look at the Only Connect site which describes my dissertation project supporting home tutored students via the net.

I spend far too much of my time playing board games: