The school includes the following buildings:

The total number of students is 536, with 26 disabled students and 60 teachers and staff.

The school is located in a suburban north west area of Rome, an area densely and heterogeneously populated. It is also multiethnic. It used to be a poor and culturally deprived area but now, with the growing of the city outskirts, it has become highly heterogeneous and its services and facilities are improving. In spite of the efforts on the part of the local councils to improve the quality of life, the area is still deficient in entertainment facilities, parks and gardens and playgrounds. Crime, drug dealing and unemployment rates are relatively high and this makes the area quite unsafe for children. In most families both husband and wife spend many hours at work, leaving little time spent at play with their children. Problem situations are very frequent, where families have to care for disabled relatives or elderly people, thus making it almost impossible for them to provide their children with adequate cognitive and affective stimuli. On one hand television plays a major role as a baby sitter, on the other, school is where children spend most of their daily time being cared for in terms of cognitive, affective and relational needs.

In this context, "XXV Aprile " school is equipped with the following facilities:


CYCLE 1: includes children from the age of 6 to the age of 7 (2 years)

CYCLE II: includes chidren from the age of 7 to the age of 10 (3 years + final state exam)

Families can choose between a full time program (tempo pieno) and a part-time program.

Full time program provides 8 school hours per day over a 5 day-per-week period, from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm Monday to Friday-

Part time provides 4 school hours per day plus one of the following options: