Lesson Planning

This table shows the content, aims and objectives of a single lesson during The Wizard of Oz project

Lesson Learning Objectives: English Focus

For all the children to be able to name the main characters from the Wizard of Oz and retell the story in sequence.

To understand the Drama terms "improvisation, act, sing, opinion and audition."

Date: 16th April 1998

Duration:1 hour

Group: Year 2

Teacher: Jackie King


Teaching Points


Introduction: (15 Mins)

Retell or read the story Wizard of Oz and discuss the characteristics of the main characters. List the similarities and differences of the characters as a group. How do you think Toto felt when he was taken to Munchkin land? Make a vocab list with the group to inform their own work. Discuss development work and expectations.

Discuss the roles that sing/ act/ group/ individual/ dance.

Development: (35 Mins)

Choose a character you think you would like to be. Think carefully as to how big the role is and whether you think that is what you want.

Produce a piece of writing that states clearly the role and why you think you would be good at this. Why you would like to do it and which little piece of the story you particularly enjoyed.

Plenary (10 Mins)

Who would like to be what and why? Compile a list.

Set the scene for the end of term concert and how it will fit in with our work on North America.

Kansas where the story is set is in North America –show on a world map, discuss and compare the size.

Look at the different characters and describe the role they will each have within the show.

Describe what the term’s improvisation, act, sing mean so the children cam make informed judgements and say how the auditions will work.

The word opinion and why they need to be clear of the role they wish to take.

Expectations and set out of work and the importance of being clear as to the section of story they enjoyed most.


List the keen singers and actors to make the audition list

Wizard of Oz story and pictures.

Costumes for Dorothy, Witch, Scarecrow, Jitterbug, Tinman, Toto and Lion to engage imagination.


Word cards with "improvisation"



"Opinion" on.



A4 paper and pencils and lineguides.



Large sheet of paper and marker pen.