The centre provides a huge range of programmes. We have included a short example here. We have access to several more detailed project outlines.


A multi-developmental Arts Programme for people with challenging behaviour

Proposed development based on a weekly half day session in the Creative Learning Centre Contact, Art and Studio Rooms

The basic themes explored and developed will be as follows:

a. "This is my Body"
b. "Mood Masks"
c. "You and me"
d. "Who do you say 1 am"

The programme structure is for students with challenging behaviour, working on a one to one basis with support worker, volunteer and teacher.

With professional tutors:-

1. Percussion and the making of instruments
2. Contact improvisation, creative movement and dance
3. Mime, mask and gestural language
4. Mask and puppetry as voice (and the making of masks and puppets)
5. Chinese massage and Tai Chi
6. Voice and song - A Language of Social Interaction

These workshops are open to anyone and volunteers and staff involved with contact work will be expected to participate at a "hands on " level.



The introduction to the themes developed will be over three months and are founded on the belief that the greatest resource is the SELF - being completely aware that many of our students have been institutionalised and experienced sensory deprivation, we have developed and practice a "Living Into" progressive programme "Living Into" meaning "Learning through experience ". The three steps in our programme are about the student discovering expression of self

  1. Expressive Awareness
  2. Owning Expressive Body
  3. Directing Expressive Actions



1. The Expressive Body - Creative Movement and Dance

Movement Awareness and Creativity with Body Images. Body Sculptural Work, Body Rhythm and Contact Improvisation

2. Music and Percussion as Voice

Sound as voice, percussion as language

External rhythm with hands, feet and body Voice in song and rhythm

Tactile and touch music programme

3. Art "Listen With Your Eyes"

Through paint, paper, collage, body images of hands, feet, face and the whole body, this is a process of working with self - through textural and sculptural material, working with each other, e.g. hand prints in clay, hand and face painting, mirrors and mask.

4. "Mood Mask "

Development of body awareness and sense perception e.g. eyes, ears, mouth and nose and the associated actions and senses.

a. Creative Movement

Movement with voice developed with mime and mask programme. Creating mask with movement and gesture, props and raw materials.

b. Music

Mood music through sound, percussion. playback of students voices and keyboard. Creating instruments and sound stories with mask and movement.

5. Art

Colour and mood - awareness of colour and form - tactile and touch programme - puppetry and mask to be used in music, creative movement and story sessions.

For these students, who are often excluded, the arts is the bridge for us to discover new ways to communicate and old ways which we can begin to experience. However, the only thing that matters to our students with challenging behaviour is - Are we doing it? Is it working? And is it valid to their real, often isolated, insular lives?