The CLEAR Project

Sheffield meeting April 1999

Outline of Sheffield University sources of creative contributions to the CLEAR Year 1 Case Studies.

This document contains examples of the work of some of the organisations we have contacted in connection with providing content for the projected CLEAR CD ROM and web site.

You will find coverage of four potential providers in some detail. These are all people who are keen to be involved in the development of the project, and between them they span a variety of age ranges and sectors in education. Their work also represents several major types of creative learning technique, from individual imaginative engagement in curriculum topics through visualisation and movement, to social learning through active co-operation with others, and cultural learning through active re-interpretation of our heritage of stories and dramatic texts. A table summary of their work appears at the end of the document.

The four sources presented here, together with a contribution from Wendy Rowse on Theatre in Education work with the Unicorn children¹s theatre company and a European Leonardo project, form our recommendations for the UK input to the prototype, depending on the space that will be available within the agreed resource pack .

The other individuals and organisations listed in the second table at the end of the document represent the spread of activity we have discovered, and show that there is some room for manoeuvre in collecting resources within the UK.