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'A definite crowd pleaser who made the audience not only laugh but think. Would welcome him back any time' (J Musa, World of Comedy)

' hilariously angry ranty man of experience who`s very funny ' (Phil Walker, Woofers Comedy)

' A quick fire, satire infused set with bite and bile and some lovely twists on some classic musical numbers! - completely ruling the roost and making the night his b**ch! A Fantastic talent!' (Gag Reel October 2015)

Marshal B Anderson
Angry Old Man on Stage

I've been doing this long enough now to have come across very different venues and audiences and I add the following to try and help you decide if I'm for you.

Some of my stuff is definitely political with a small p with themes like rampant consumerism, old age, homelessness, corporate greed etc. and I've gone down well at places like Pros and Coms, World of Comedy, Gags on the Green, The Verve, CSCDDC, Alt.com.cab, The Roadhouse, The Hollybush, Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham students' unions.

I support Rape is no Joke

I don't do jokes about rape, peadophiles, having sex with my grandmother, anyone's sexuality, real or constructed ethnic minorities etc. Usually that's a good thing because it can add a bit of variety to an evening, but sometimes it's a bad thing because there are audiences that love all that stuff, and only that stuff, and I just piss them off. You know your audience :O)

I'm on the lookout for open mic and paid sessions of 10-30 minutes . I have over an hour of well tested material and that's growing with each gig I do. Swear-free on request :O)

If you are considering booking me I can e-mail links to videos of complete 10, 20 and 30 minute gigs.

If you book me I will come. Now that I'm getting some paid work, some open spot bookers have been worried that I might ditch their gig if I'm offered paid work. I won't. Once I've confirmed a gig I will do it.

I am based in Chesterfield, I have a car and am willing to share journeys.

I have a profile on ents24.com so you can include that in any events you promote on that. Note that listings are free.

E-mail goatflange@gmail.com
MOB: 07973 641914
Home page: www.marshal.co.uk

Publicity Photos
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{short description of image} Angry Old Man On Stage

I use that black and white one of me as a kid quite a lot in my own publicity.

This is my favourite at the moment:
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It's low rez so probably not suitable for printing. If you use it please credit Jason Cooke.

This one may also be used in publicity, it's from http://www.iltophotography.co.uk/

The following are loverly too and fine for open mic and small gigs. If you're thinking of using them for wider distribution we might need to track down the copywrite owners

Derby Comedy Fest 2016Pros and Coms 2016From Pros and ComsAt the Ort{short description of image}{short description of image}