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"Marshal Anderson really kicked up the energy in the room a memorable act which would be welcomed back at any point. This was a stand out performance." (The Comedy Captain's Blog)

Marshal B Anderson
Angry Old Man on Stage

{short description of image} Marshal B Anderson spent some of his time being Angry On Stage. Some people thought he was quite good; he has over 250 gigs to his credit and reached the national finals of the national Silver Stand-up competition 2013. He was sometimes swarey but never blue; while he thinks the human genitalia are probably the funniest thing in the world he doesn't talk about them much. Things he gets angry about include getting old, stupid governments, greedy people, anyone who knows they're right, the cold-dead hand of management (you know who you are) and the army of thoughtless dicks who make the rest of us miserable just because they can.

What was he like?
Influences include George Carlin, Doug Stanhope, Alexei Sayle, Ben Elton (Before we Found Out), Charlie Brooker, Mark Steel and Jeremy Hardy. If you don't like them, you certainly won't like Marshal. If you do like some of them, Marshal will probably still be something of a disappointment, but he's a) cheaper and b) not dead yet.

Why did he stop?
My very last show was at the Nottingham Comedy Festival in spring 2018 where I did my one hour set that I'd put together for the previous Derby Festival. I'd had enough of the anger that was central to the act. In summer 2018 I did a purge of all the things that made me angry - my stand-up, Facebook, political activism, reading the news, working for someone else etc. It has isolated me from a big part of my former life and I've lost touch with a lot of friends but I was just so weary of it all. I live alone in Derbyshire in a new house with a loft. I may build a model railway.

Photo © Jason Cooke