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A summary of the findings of the project can now be found in the Progress section of this site.

The completed dissertation plus various supporting files can be downloaded from the Dissertation section of this site.
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What's it all about?
"Information and Communications Technology at home linked to the home tuition service or PRU (Pupil Referral Unit) could provide part of the timetable effectively and flexibly, particularly in rural areas. If a home tuition service is run separately, it should develop strong links with PRUs and other relevant professionals."
Social Inclusion: the LEA role in Pupil Support, DfEE July 1999, page 21

Only Connect is a project set up by Marshal Anderson (hereinafter knows as I or me etc.) to explore some of the possibilities and pitfalls of using the internet to augment the education of home-tutored students. In this case, the phrase 'home-tutored' refers to students who, for a variety of reasons, are being educated at home by the Local Education Authority. This is a very specific group quite distinct from those students being educated at home by their parents with the LEA's agreement, and from the additional tuition students get outside school from a range of sources.

The project functions as a 'professional practice' element on which to base the final dissertation for my M.Ed in on-line learning at Sheffield University. The areas of the project to be covered by the dissertation are still under consideration, but they will be a sub-set of the whole.

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On-Line Learning
On-Line Learning
On-Line Learning This site has been built for two main purposes. First and foremost it's an area for me to work in and organise the findings of the Only Connect project. Second, it's a way of making those findings and thoughts available to a wider audience in the hope that they will be useful to some and that others will contribute their own thoughts.

Note that this is necessarily a site continually under development. Anyone who wishes to visit often to follow the progress of the project should make sure they have cookies active on their browser - that way you will get some indication as to whether or not a page you visit has been changed.

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QuestionThis symbol is used to indicate a point, issue or comment raising a question that cannot be explored further in Only Connect. It would form a starting point for further research or indicates an area that should be seriously considered by any LEA embarking on a project similar to Only Connect.

Idea This symbol indicates some form of model, theory or idea that I have formed in the process of the project. It forms an end-point to that line of enquiry - i.e. it is not possible to test this idea further within Only Connect so, again, it could form a starting point for further enquiry or be used as part of the initial construction of an actual roll-out of a wider system. However, I take absolutely responsibility if it all goes horribly wrong.

InterventionsThis symbol indicates an intervention within the Action Research cycle. It is a change to the way something was being done to try and improve the result and it should be matched by some suggestion of how the effect of this change might be evaluated, but it might not be.

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