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How To Be Bottom (Topologika)

This was a huge project and involved me in the co-ordination, planning and design of a vast range of software - see my CV for more detail.

THE INTERACTIVE SHAKESPEARE SHOW (commissioned by London‘s Barbican Centre and sponsored by Acorn Computers who supplied 21 x A3020 machines for the show) aimed to give children a multimedia look at the life and times of The Bard and focussed on A Midsummer Night's Dream. Much of the software can now be made available for home/classroom use.

A Picture of Puck - Maybe

STAGE DESIGN: Six beautifully-drawn My World screens challenge students to create (i) 4 different stage sets for the play (Street, Interior, Athens and Woodland); (ii) a poster (iii) their own version of Puck's Spell. The graphics are ready-drawn so that all they have to do is click, drag and drop, giving them a real feel for Elizabethan Times and the way stage designers work. Screens by Ken Baynes (show designer) and Glenn Burnett. Accessible as Clip Art too!

ELIZABETHAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Longman Logotron's Magpie was a great tool for producing this fascinating pack about the Shawn, Curtal, Tabor and Crumhorn. Pack by Marshal Anderson includes sound samples and short pieces of music specially composed by Peter Kirmond.

BE A STREET MUSICIAN: We adapted the Sound Box section of our award-wining Music Box pack to allow children to compose their own Elizabethan tunes. A great way to explore the olde-world of live music!

THE PLAYS: We have gathered together all of Shakespeare's major plays and poetry and even some of his more interesting notes to the milkman and put them on disc. All the text is taken from the original MS Dof files from Shakespeare's actual word proceffor; all we've changed is the spelling.

BETSI - THE TALE OF A DOG: This is a special version of 4mation's Elizabethan adventure. Explore London with Betsi, meet people, bark a lot and see if you can find the Globe Theatre.

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