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MathsBook (Topologika)

Now part of MathsBook PLUS. See it on the Topologika web site

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Another, rather strange, pet project. At first it looks like standard Drill, exactly the kind of software I hate, but somehow this seemed OK as an idea. I actually wrote this for the ZX81 about 15 years ago and breathed new life into it in a vague attempt to use the computer to make teacher's, as well as children's, lives easier.

Part of the learning of any process is that dull, weary climb from understanding, through reinforcement to confidence - tough on the child, tough on the teacher. I remember spending so much time showing kids again and again how to manage these complex symbolic processes; vertical arithmetic. So this program tries to do what I have to do, it monitors the child as they work their way through a sum, checking they have remembered to carry in addition, making sure they take the bottom from the top in subtraction.

It kind of grew like Topsy. From that original idea it now monitors and adjusts the difficulty and help offered as the child progresses over time, prints worksheets based on their current level, and even has speech. There's also now an edition that covers long multiplication and division. It works, it does what it sets out to do, and I'm actually very pleased with it, though I miss the dragons :-)

Click here to download a demo version of Acorn MathsBook (207K). You will need !SparkPlug to unpack it.


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