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MathsBook 2 - It's Back, and this time..... (Topologika)

Now part of MathsBook PLUS. See it on the Topologika web site

MathsBook the first has been going pretty well for a year or so now. This additional piece has been a pain to develop and it's hats off to Tony Benesh for the programming. I Just never knew there were so many different ways to do these kinds of calculations.

Shot of multiplication screen.

So, this time we're tackling multiplication and division. Not the easy peasy stuff, but full blown, in yer face LONG multiplication and division. We had to take a load of decisions here that we may live to regret - every teacher will have their pet way of doing stuff and we can't cover them all explicitly. However, we've come up with some pretty flexible routines here so it should fit in with most classrooms.

Shot of MathsBook division screen.

We left out the speech because we found that a) most people turned it off anyway, and b) there was so much involved in these packages that we would have had to use a speech synthesis program or put the thing on a CD ROM. As we're still in development - if you really think this package has to have speech, mail me and we'll chat about it.

Anyway, when you're done here, drop along to Topologika site (there's a link from my index page) where you'll find publication dates, prices and, maybe, a downloadable demo.

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