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Music Maker (RESOURCE)

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Music Maker (note the space between the words) was a joy to work on. RESOURCE were looking for an early music design and asked me to work with their artist, Tod, on this - I didn't need asking twice. It takes some of the ideas developed in MusicBox down to infant and pre-school level. As we were aiming at very young children it was decided that, apart from using Tod's wonderful animations, we should also make it a little more game-y. So, children get to make up their own tunes and to listen to pitch, the theme of the package, as part of memory games. The activities offered include Up The Stairs where the higher the stair is the higher the note, Trombone where they get to make a tune using the slide and then see it performed live on stage, Make A Tune in which they get to arrange notes on a sort-of-stave and hear them played, and Name That Tune where the Jolly Hippo plays a short series of notes that they have to match to a visual pattern. It really is more fun than you can shake a stick at and got some nice reviews.

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