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Here you can download a limited version of Story Scaffolds to try out. The file is about 11MB.

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Microsoft Agent and Speech
Story Scaffolds uses MS Agent to guide you around the screen, it also uses Microsoft's SAPI 4 for speech. Most machines will already have these installed and we suggest you run the demo first to see if it works on your system - even without these features you will get a good idea of how the program works. If you find these features don't work and you would like to try them, the following is a guide to installing them from the Microsoft site - all these applications are free.

Note that if you purchase the Story Scaffolds CD, all these programs will be installed for you.

If Agent is not on your system...
Go to the MS Agent home page at Click the Try Agent link. On many machines this will automatically install agent for you. If it installs MS Agent, but the agent doesn't speak, you will need to install the SAPI 4 runtime files from the link on that page.

If you can't install agent from that page (it seems to be to do with the version of browser you have) go to and download and install the following:

Agent is installed, but speech doesn't work...
Use the above link to download and install the British English text to speech engine and the SAPI 4.0a runtime binaries.

I've done all that and speech still doesn't work. Grrrrrr...
OK, it's complicated, we know. One thing that sometimes kicks speech into action (apart from re-starting your machine a couple of times) on W95, W98, NT 4 and W2000 is to install the Speech Control Panel which you'll find at the previous link.

You can also view Microsoft's help page at

If you have any queries about the demo, please contact us.

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