Hopscotch Story Scaffolds

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 Story Writing Scaffolds: all available with a specially designed word processor.

Now your children can enjoy all the benefits of the scaffolds in a new and exiting way.

Story Scaffolds main page The idea is to break down the story-writing process into six stages to help children develop narrative skills.

There are 10 or 12 Scaffolds in each pack, all written to suit the needs of the particular year group. They cover a variety of content types: mystery, adventure, funny, fairy tales, science fiction/fantasy, historical, school life, family life, myths and legends, playscripts and so on.

Each scaffold has two levels for differentiation giving a total of up to 24 different stories per year group.

Each scaffold also provides an example story, a word bank and a set of nouns. The noun bank includes a variety of pictures that can be dragged into the story as it is written. The whole thing is speech enabled and includes a help system that uses MSAgent.

The aim is to give children a starting point for story writing and to provide nudges along the way. The story layout on the screen encourages them to write in a non-sequential way; to hop back and forth between different stages and add ideas as they arise. The word processing features have been stripped right back - no formatting, basic font options, no spellchecker, etc. so that children will concentrate on the story. The application provides the facility to paste the whole story directly into other word processors or layout editors where these elements can be refined as a final stage in the process, rather than a distraction throughout it.

We have also provided a Story Scaffold Editor which allows teachers or children to modify those provided or create their own from scratch.

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