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The Curse of Zorin

Chapter One

Soolin, Darvid and Tem stood at the front of the boat as it headed towards the port at Sellardore. They were looking forward to exploring a new land and wondered what adventures it might hold for them. They could see rows of small houses with slate roofs and white washed walls along the sea wall. People were moving about, busy at their jobs, working hard.

Working hard was not what the three adventurers had in mind for their first day in Sellardore. They wanted just to look around and find somewhere to stay, eat and rest.

In no time the boatman was shouting at them, "Come on you lot, I haven't got all day, get moving!" They left the boat and, carrying all their belongings in the packs on their backs, stepped onto the cobbled streets. Before they had time to do anything a ragged group formed around them, all trying to sell them things.

"A wand from the magic thorn tree of Hell Deeps, only one gold piece," said one.

"Gold dust from the Ork mines," offered another.

"A fine healing spell made by elves," said yet another.

Tem was laughing and Darvid had a grin from ear to ear but Soolin watched. A bony hand was reaching into the pocket of Tem's leather coat, it quickly took out a draw string purse. The robber didn't know that was all Tem had in the world and didn't care, these were strangers and an easy target. If the robber had been watching he might just have seen the glint of the sun on Soolin's dagger but as it was the blade was pressed to his throat before he knew what was happening.

"Now, just put it back, that's it, nice and easy then we'll all be happy," said Soolin in a voice like ice.

"I was just going to look after it for him, honest I was. Look, see, I'm putting it back now. No harm meant to your friends."

Soolin let go and the robber ran off up a gap between the houses, there'd be no more trouble from him. The rest of the crowd melted away, looking for other targets.

"Sorry, Soolin," said Tem, "I should have been more careful, I just got carried away with it all."

"I know," said Soolin, "Just don't expect me to watch your back all the time. There will be adventures yet, try and live long enough to be part of them."

Soolin placed the dagger back in her belt and turned towards the town. She found herself facing an old man in a grey cloak. The lines on his face told many stories but he spoke only two words; "Follow me."

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