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Story Teller

Download a Demo
The file is about 20MB and works on Windows 98 to Vista. The demo includes all documentation and a quickstart guide. The full version can be purchased from Hopscotch.

Download Now

You can download a demo of Story Teller 7-12 from this page. In this version we have provided a limited number of picture sets, each of which has only 10 pictures in it - you can still create new picture sets and change the pictures in those provided, but the demo will always choose pictures from the first 10 files. Because of this, you will find the same pictures turning up fairly quickly in the same story - in the full version this will not happen unless you use over 100 pictures in a story.

The full version of Story Teller 7-12 contains the following picture sets:

  • Adventure - pictures for crime/secret agent type stories
  • Alice - The original illustrations from Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass
  • Comic Strip - Black and white line drawings with the text removed
  • Dinosaurs
  • Egyptian - Pictures for Ancient Egyptian stories
  • Family - Pictures portraying everyday life
  • Fantasy
  • Funny
  • Guides
  • Horse tales
  • Jack and the Beanstalk - A set of sequenced pictures that demonstrate that facility of Story Teller
  • Jungle
  • Maori
  • Medieval
  • Myths
  • Pirates
  • Prehistoric - Cave dwellers rather than dinosaurs
  • Primary School - School life
  • Robin Hood
  • Romans
  • Scary
  • Science Fiction
  • South America - Incas, Aztecs and so on
  • Sports
  • Strange Victorian - These are the oddest pictures we'd ever seen
  • Traditional - This is a mixture of many traditions from around the world
  • Vikings

All together these sets contain nearly 5000 pictures. There are also additional symbols and endings. The full version also includes the pupil and teacher walkthroughs you saw on the main page of this site and more example stories.

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