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Unit 16 - The Beach
There are three pictures suggested for use by the QCA document in this unit. For copyright reasons we can not supply these with the pack, but schools can downlaod them and add them to the picture set - use the following links to the pictures and use your browser's Save image as menu item to save them into The Beach picture set, or copy them and insert them using the Manage picture sets window.
Pescadoras valencianas by Sorolla
Kreidefelsen auf Rügen by Caspar David Friedrich
Scène de plage by Degas

You can download a limited version of Talk About It MFL to assess and try with your pupils.
Demo page

Here are some useful primary MFL links - mostly to free stuff!
Primary MFL resourcesThis page contains links to resources which have been kindly donated by members of the yahoo primarymflresources group which is moderated by Cynthia Martin and Helen Myers.

Talkabout Primary MFL This is a great site for discussing your work with primary MFL speciallists. They are very welcoming and have different sections for differnet languages, as well as those new to MFL teaching and student teachers.

This is a wonderful video of a french toddler called Capucha telling a story. I think it's great for children to hear the usually unfamilier sound of young native speakers.

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