On-Line Learning Events: A Greek Tragedy in Small

Welcome and thanks for dropping by. The contents of this part of my personal site are all concerned with workshop 3 of my Masters in Education - completed, er.. a while ago.

The Main Idea
The idea behind the project was to develop a 'learning event' based on a range of intended learning outcomes and exploiting a variety of internet technologies. Briefly, the project created a virtual village which was be populated by 'students' who took the role of members of that village. In those roles they explored the environment and were faced, as a group, with a challenge, which they (nearly) solved via collaboration. The collaborative part of it is obviously over, but I have saved the postings to the conference - you'll find them in the Council House, near your entry point to the village. To get a feeling for the project, click Working Prototype below, chose a character and enter the village. Take a look around then visit the council house and look at the disussion that emerged. Keep in mind that different characters see different things in the village.

You can download a copy of my completed commentary as a Word97 file (about 200k).

You can download a simple SCORM version. This simple version just uses SCORM as a container in which to run the web site. You need JavaScript and Cookies enabled. If you get this working in a VLE, let me know. I'm working on a slightly more SCORMy version which will (might) save position across sessions, but it't not really needed as this is a pretty small prog. If you bundle it in a lesson with a forum you can run it very much like I did originally.

Who Might Be Involved - creating a partnership
I feel there is enough value here to make it worthwhile developing into a working website. Those interested might be companies involved in developing educational resources. Anyone who is interested in developing this idea further, mail me - be thrilled skinny to hear from you.

Working Prototype:
This is the completed project as far as it went (further than I thought it would) incuding a record of all student activity.

Documents - Theory:
Here you will find documents I produced as I developed the project. These include a developing outline of the project and it's theoretical background

The Workshop:
This is an experimental area where I shall be working on some of the basic technologies I want to use. It will give you some indication of where things are going, though the content is unlikely to be directly related to the project outcomes.

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