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If you have arrived at this page via a search engine you may be wondering what it's all about. What you have here was in fact supposed only supposed to be a temporary site for a project in my M.Ed in telematics. However, it's been getting consistent visits since I set it up and is linked to from several places so I will leave it here for the time being.

The idea was to explore ways in which people might collaborate on line in a learning situation. The Greek village is represented in HTML pages that you navigate around. As you navigate you will find clues to the murder that took place before you arrived. Depending on who you choose to be you will recieve different clues. When the project was run live, players were able to discuss what they had found and tried to decide who the murderer was. When you visit the forum you will find the text of their discussions. If you want to solve it yourself I suggest you go though the village several times as different characters.

This window contains the list of characters and you choose one that you want to be. Ultimately, there would be some clever CGI to stop more than one person being a given character at a time, but there's not been time to set that up. Once you have chosen, click the enter Corcyra link.

Scroll down this window for the list of characters and click the I want to be... link.

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Go on and enter Corcyra.

These are some of the people you will meet in our Ancient Greek town. Read about them and choose one you want to be.

Philippos Pilippos (a lover of horses)
Pilippos is a wealthy merchant from Athens. He trades in goods from all over the empire and beyond. He brings ivory from Africa, raisins from Rhodes, carpets from Carthage, mackerel from Hellespont, puddings and beef from from Thessaly, rigging, sails and papyrus from Egypt. In return he sells wine, olive oil and pottery.

He lives in a big house with his wife, Diotima, their children and many slaves.

I want to be Pilippos

Demetrius Demetrius (like Demeter)

Demetrius is a banker. He looks after people's money and valuables and gives loans. He will lend money to people who want to start businesses of their own. He will also insure ships with bottomry loans. These are special kinds of loans that Pilippos often takes out if he is sending a ship far away to buy goods. The loan is very expensive but it only has to be paid back if the ship returns.

Demetius is a very important person in the town and many people try to be as nice to him as possible in case they ever need to borrow money. Demetrius is nice to everyone becasue he wants them to put their money in his bank so he can lend it to others. It's very important to Demetrius that all the businesses in the town do well. If everyone suddenly wanted their money back he would be in a great deal of trouble.

I want to be Demetrius

Herodotus Herodotus (given by Hera)
Herodotus own a huge vineyard outside town. He has many men and slaves working for him. The grapes are trodden in huge vats to make the best wine, then they are pressed to make poor quality wine. Herodotus sells a lot of his wine to Philippos who exports it, but he keeps the very best for himself.

People love to go to Herodotus' parties because that's where they will taste the best wine. His parties are also a good place to make deals and discuss the goings on of the town.

I want to be Herodotus

Xanthippe  Xanthippe
Xanthippe is a craftsman in all types of wood. Good wood to work from is scarce in Greece so he buys most of his from Philippos. From it he makes anything from ships and carts to boxes and furniture.

I want to be Xanthippe

Hippocrates Hippocrates
Hippocrates is a doctor and is well known for healling a great prince for which he was well rewarded.

I want to be Hippocrates

Dionysius Dionysius
Dionysius is a farmer on the hills just outside Corcyra. He grows many different crops for local people, though he does sell some of his olives to Pilippos.

I want to be Dionysius

Nicias Nicias
Nicias makes pots and other things ceramic. He is valued as a craftsman in the town and has many powerful friends who buy his work. Nicias makes a good living in Corcyra, but he would not be judged as a rich or educated man in the eyes of many.

I want to be Nicias

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