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You can now download a SCORM version to run in your VLE.

Here's what to do:

1) Choose your character. There's seven to choose from: scroll the top window to see them.
2) Visit Corcyra where you will find a mystery that needs to be solved. You can't do it on your own as no character has access to all the information; you will need to discuss it in the Council House with other members of the Council.

Big Hint:
If you have played any computer based adventure before this will be a breeze. If you haven't; explore - go everywhere and click on every link you find. Draw a map as you go along - the links are simple and there's no sneaky maze type stuff; all is as it seems. This will help you get around quickly and help you work out where you have and haven't been. Make notes of the clues you find and the conclusions they lead you to, then go to the Council House and share them with everyone else. Ultimatly, but only as a group, you should work out who was the most likely suspect.

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