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Wordy Stuff

Words are about the cheapest thing you can put on the net so here's plenty. Please don't assume that the anonymous stuff is copyright free - none of the following should be distributed without permission.

The Funnies

A collection of stuff - there's no accounting for taste, but take a look.

You might also try this set of all-purpose horoscopes I found myself needing to write in order to avoid actually doing any work.

Zorin, The Curse of Sellardore

The complete text and all the pictures (sorry it took so long) of my story accompanying the software package. It's aimed at children with special needs; the reading age is about 8, interest level up to 10 or 11.

New Stuff for Kids
Some bits from The Big Book of Lies and How to Keep Really Dangerous Pets. Hello all you nice publishers out there - these are available for publication!!!


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